Blue Razz by U TooB 100 Ejuice 120ml

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Blue Razz by U TooB 100 Ejuice 120ml

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Nicotine Level

Blue Razz by U TooB 100 Ejuice 120ml

U TooB 100 Ejuice Blue Razz Vape Juice Review

An iconic flavor that has stolen the entire worlds hearts, blue raspberry yes you got it right. I don’t think there’s a single soul that can resist the powers of this flavor. The amount of sweet and tart that blue raspberry brings is almost near irresistible. U TooB 100 made sure to find the best quality they could find, so this blue raspberry vape juice is very reliable.

One hit and your taste buds will be drowned in a sea of lush blue raspberry on the inhale. On the exhale the excess flavor will strengthen as the vapor leaves your mouth giving nothing but straight blue raspberry throughout the entire hit.

Blue Razz by U TooB 100 is one of the top flavors to choose from this company and it is still going strong. No one has yet to knock this juice off the charts and honestly it may just remain that way. Also having it as a 120ml is better since you have plenty of it especially if blue raspberry is all you want in your life this will be your perfect match.

Flavor Profile: Blue Raspberry

Bottle Size: 120ml

VG/PG: 70/30