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Blue Pixels by Superb 60ml

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Blue Pixels by Superb 60ml 

Superb Blue Pixels Vape Juice Review

Blue Pixels by Superb Eliquid 60ml brings you back to your childhood when you would devour pixie sticks like no tomorrow. This perfectly sweet candy vape juice is like no other out there. There is no comparison when it comes to this blue raspberry flavored vape juice, with its authentic candy flavor that will have you reaching for you vape time and time again. 

On every inhale of Superb Blue Pixels, your taste buds will be awoken with the sweetness of this candy vape juice. Blue Pixels has the perfect amount of sweetness to keep your sweet tooth sedated and has no added guilt. On the exhale, the blue raspberry flavor rolls off of your taste buds like how the rain rolls down a window. This vape juice is an all-day-vape for sure with the perfect amount of sweetness and tang from the blue raspberry. 

Superb, which was once known as Royal Bishop has re-branded but kept the same great flavors that created their loyal fan base. The flavors are only made with high-quality ingredients. Giving their customers a flavorsome vape juice that will satisfy even your hardest to kick sugar cravings is what Superb prides themselves on. This brand is truly one for the books and creates flavors you will never get tired of. 

Blue Pixels by Superb 60ml is a vape juice that brings you back to the greatest parts of your childhood with your favorite sugar-packed candy now with an adult twist. Having a dependable vape juice will no longer be apart of your dreams with this vape juice. No other vape juice will bring you the intense happiness that Blue Pixels will bring you with every puff. 

Flavor Profile: Blue Raspberry, Candy, Pixy Stick

Bottle Size: 60ml

PG/VG: 70/30