Bad Salt Cereal Trip

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Cereal Trip by Bad SALT 30ml

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Cereal Trip by Bad SALT 30ml

Bad Drip Cereal Trip Salt Review

Bad Drip Labs is at it again. Bad Salt is the perfect vape juice for those of you who are addicted to Bad Drip Labs vape juice but have switched over to a pod system. This vape juice brings you the taste of fruity cereal vape juice with a delightful freshly baked doughnut twist. 

As you inhale Bad Salt Cereal Trip 30ml the taste of your favorite fruity cereal will wash over your taste buds like never before. This vape juice is sure to bring you back to the best parts of your childhood. As you exhale, Bad Drip Labs puts their all too familiar twist by adding in the taste of a freshly baked doughnut. This combination is something so unlike anything you've ever tasted that with just one puff you'll be addicted. 

Bad Drip Labs brings you their newest line, Bad Salt. This line is for those of you who have a pod system but crave an out of the box vape juice brand. All of Bad Drip Labs vape juices pack so much flavor that you will feel as if you've been gut-punched with a taste from your first puff to your last. Bad Drip Labs is based out of New York and the psychedelic art on their bottles will surely be one of the factors drawing you into this sinister brand.

Bad Salt Cereal Trip is the perfect vape juice to satisfy the child within you. This vape juice will transport you to a time in your life when you had no worries at all and with every puff, you take you will exhale complete happiness. 

Flavor Profile: Fruity Cereal, Doughnut 

Bottle Size: 30ml