Bad Drip Ugly Butter 120ml

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Bad Drip Ugly Butter 120ml

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Bad Drip eJuice Ugly Butter 120ml

Bad Drip Ugly Butter Vape Juice Review

Ugly Butter 120ml by Bad Drip Labs is a dessert flavored vape juice that will make you feel as if your sweet tooth never existed. This blend of perfectly ripe bananas and fried doughnut vape juice rolled in cinnamon sugar will quickly become your vape juice of choice. 

As you inhale Bad Drip Ugly Butter, a sweet pastry taste with hints of banana vape juice that is so subtle it tastes as if it's baked into the dough flows over your taste buds. This vape juice will give you a whole new definition to pastry flavors because of the banana. The banana, adds the slightest twist to the flavor that one would never expect to make such a difference, but it does. As you exhale the taste of sweet cinnamon cake mixes with the pastry banana flavor creating the perfect dessert treat to kick your sweet tooth to the curb. 

Bad Drip Labs makes all of their vape juice out of New York. Known for the beautiful artwork around the city, Bad Drip Labs follows closely with the artwork on their bottles. The psychedelic artwork will have your mind in a boggle trying to figure it out. Bad Drip Labs makes their vape juice with only the highest quality of ingredients, and all of their vape juices are a twist on the normal flavors to aid you in your escape from the norm.

Ugly Butter 120ml by Bad Drip Labs is a dessert flavor that will have you seeing stars. The succulent banana flavor mixed with the fried doughnut coated in cinnamon sugar will have you screaming from the rooftops how amazing this vape juice is. 

Flavor Profile: Banana Pudding, Cinnamon Sugar, Fried Doughnut

Bottle Size: 120ml (2x60ml bottles)

Made in USA

VG/PG : 70/30