Fresh Drops by Aqua Eliquid 60ml


Fresh Drops by Aqua Eliquid 60ml

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Fresh Drops (Formerly Rainbow Drops) by Aqua Eliquid 60ml

Aqua Fresh Drops Vape Juice Review

Fresh Drops by Aqua E-liquid will have you chasing the rainbow! The newest candy flavor vape juice from Aqua E-liquid is the tasty flavor of rainbow-flavored fruit candy. No other juice brings genuine flavors as Aqua does. This fusion brings bittersweet grapes, juicy strawberry e-juice, lush green apples, mouthwatering oranges, and tart lemons to create perfectly blended vape juice that will leave you wanting more. 

The only disappointment you'll get from this e-juice is when you run out. Aqua Vape Rainbow Drops is heading for the home base with the boozy flavors they've created with this e-liquid. Fruit devotees everywhere cannot keep their hands off Rainbow Drops because of the authentic flavors and euphoric feeling it leaves. No other fruit-flavored vape juice can compare.

From your first puff of Aqua Fresh Drops vape juice is a mixture of tangy green apple, rich strawberry, and savory grapes will invade your senses. A succulent orange flavor then comes in along with a tart lemon flavor that will make your taste buds explode with the pure essence of this juice. As you exhale every puff, your taste buds will feel as if they have been surfing the rainbow! The natural flavors of these e-juices will have you second-guessing if you're dreaming or if you actually were able to find a juice to satisfy every taste bud from the tip of your tongue to the back.

Fresh Drops by Aqua E-Liquid is overflowing with a unique zing that only Aqua could create with its legitimate ingredients. Don't miss your chance to chase the rainbow with Fresh Drops today.

Flavor Profile: Grape, Strawberry, Green Apple, Orange, Lemon

Bottle: Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30