Apple Hulk by U TooB 100 Ejuice 120ml

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Apple Hulk by U TooB 100 Ejuice 120ml

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Nicotine Level

Apple Hulk by U TooB 100 Ejuice 120ml

U TooB 100 Apple Hulk Vape Juice Review

Imagine picking off a fresh green apple straight off a tree and extracting all the juice from it just to vape it. This juice captures that exact moment of biting into a crisp apple with all its naturally sweet essence. Apple Hulk will smash that sweeth tooth into smithereens with one deep inhale of scrumptious vapor. U TooB made sure that this here juice turned out to be a legit banger.

On the inhale the sour sweet tones of green apple will flow right on top of your tongue seducing those taste buds with nothing but this glamorous fruit and all of its lushness. After your tongue has soaked in this vape juice it’ll leave a lip smacking aftertaste on the exhale giving you the perfect balance between sweet and sour.

U TooB uses nothing but top notch quality so if you want green apple, this will give you all the green apple you want without going flavor blind this could be your match. Apple Hulk earned its name because it just smacks green apple right into your mouth with a huge bang.

Flavor Profile: Green Apple

Bottle Size: 120ml

VG/PG: 70/30