The Graham Blueberry Salt

The Mamasan Salt

The Graham Blueberry by The Mamasan Salt 30ml

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The Graham Blueberry by The Mamasan Salt 30ml

The Graham Blueberry Salt Vape Juice Review

The Graham Blueberry by The Mamasan Salt is an amazing vape juice that anyone would love. It takes a delicious blueberry flavor and combines it with its signature graham crackers and milk combination, providing an overwhelming flavor experience for your taste buds. This tasty vape is surely one you'll want to try.

What is The Graham Blueberry Salt vape juice? The Graham Blueberry by The Mamasan Salt is an awesome flavor that has been developed by the extraordinary minds behind The Mamasan. It takes its original graham crackers and creamy milk combination and throws it into a tasty mixture of blueberry flavor, creating an outstanding flavor that is super pleasing to the taste. If you are a fan of blueberry-flavored vape juice, you'll love this satisfying addition.

Based in Los Angeles, California, The Mamasan has become the highlight for the industry, gaining tons of attention and the popularity to follow along with it. It is a stunning brand that consists of various collections, and The Graham by The Mamasan Salt is one of them. Since its inception in 2016, owner Ryan Chalme has been building the brand and offering a range of unique flavors that anyone could appreciate. After winning several awards, people all around the world turn to The Mamasan Salt to meet their vaping needs.

The Graham Blueberry by The Mamasan Salt is definitely one of the best flavors you'll ever taste. It is a unique blend that really focuses heavily on the blueberry flavor, giving you a taste of its original blend with a twist to keep your taste buds full of appreciation.

Flavor Profile: Graham Cracker, Milk, Blueberry

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50