The Mamasan Honeydew Melon Ice

The Mamasan

Honeydew Melon Ice by The Mamasan 60ml

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Honeydew Melon Ice by The Mamasan 60ml

The Mamasan Honeydew Melon Ice Vape Juice Review

Boasting some delicious tastes that will surely keep you excited each time you go to vape, this Guava Peach Ice by The Mamasan is an amazing addition to anyone's collection. It brings you the most satisfying guava flavor, which is perfectly blended with juicy peach, and finished with menthol to create a refreshing lingering flavor you'll crave.

What is The Mamasan Honeydew Melon Ice vape juice? Honeydew Melon Ice by The Mamasan delivers a fascinating duo of flavors that you simply cannot resist. This exciting flavor is incredibly smooth, super delicious, and will certainly become your next all-day-vape juice. This tasty vape comes together with a blend of honeydew melon and refreshing addition of menthol, creating the perfect vape duo. You'll absolutely love the taste, especially if you're one that really enjoys honeydew flavors.

The Mamasan is an award-winning premium vape juice brand that comes with a range of remarkable flavors. The brand is littered with extraordinary tastes that are all Asian-inspired. The Mamasan is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and has become one of the strongest brands. They've been manufacturing their own premium vape juice since 2016 and continues to lead the way forward in the industry by continuously producing the highest quality vape juice on the market.

Whether you're looking to refresher your palette or you're looking for a delicious mixture of flavors, Honeydew Melon by The Mamasan can definitely deliver. It is a truly delicious vape juice we're excited to offer. Explore the delicious taste now and soak in luscious clouds of vapor.

Flavor Profile: Honeydew, Menthol

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30