The Mamasan Bruce Leechee 100ML

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Bruce Leechee by The Mamasan 100ml

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Bruce Leechee by The Mamasan 100ml

The Mamasan Bruce Leechee Vape Juice Review

Bruce Leechee by The Mamasan is the ultimate in refreshing flavors! The Bruce Leechee is the unique flavor of a perfect ripened sweet Filipino mango paired with the one of a kind flavor of fresh lychee!

This recipe by The Mamasan is perfect for any hot day with these two refreshing flavors, Bruce Leechee will be sure to help you beat the heat. Its delicious taste that combines Philippine mango and lychee is an incredible vape juice blend. It offers a remarkable taste with every puff, leaving you with a lingering flavor that you will want to experience over and over. The Mamasan takes pride in crafting flavors with top-notch premium ingredients to ensure that every hit you take is full of the premium grade ingredients you would expect from a premium e-liquid company.

Positioning itself in the hub of the vaping district, The Mamasan E-Liquid is based in the heart of Los Angeles, California. It is a large manufacturing brand that has been creating and developing popular vape juice flavors for years. Ryan Chalme founded the company in 2016 and has since manufactured many of the most recognized flavors, which are spread across the United States and the web. It has grown so diligently by producing an incredible collection of vape juice that present out-of-this-world flavor profiles. The vape juice it creates consists of Asian-inspired exotic flavors, which is incredibly unique. Throughout its entire line-up, each bottle contains only the finest ingredients, high-quality nicotine, and blends that are sure to please any taste.

If you are searching for the next best vape to come into your journey, this is it. Bruce Leechee is a brilliant blend that we just know you will enjoy. From beginning to end, you will adore the remarkable duo that is Bruce Leechee.

Flavor Profile: Philippine Mango, Lychee

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30