Ruthless Freeze Cherry Bomb 100ml

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Cherry Bomb Freeze Edition by Ruthless Vapor 100ml

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Iced Out Freeze Edition by Ruthless Vapor 100ml

Ruthless Cherry Bomb Freeze Edition Vape Juice Review

Cherry Bomb Freeze Edition by Ruthless Vapor is just the vape you've been searching for if you are a fan of cherry flavors. This exciting concoction offers a delicious blast of cherries and menthol, making sure you receive that classic cherry taste with a twist that will keep your taste buds excited and ready for more.

What is Ruthless Cherry Bomb Freeze Edition? Cherry Bomb Freeze Edition by Ruthless Vapor is an amazing fruit flavor that is rarely used, yet delivers such an awesome taste. From the sweet and unique taste of cherry to the frigid taste of menthol, this is a vape juice that will blow your mind or taste buds. It combines tasty cherries with loads of menthol flavor, ensuring your receive a deliciously cool vape that will have you chilled to the core, yet satisfied more than ever. Cherry Bomb vape juice is available in a 100mL bottle and it has nicotine strengths available in 3mg and 6mg using Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN).

Ruthless Vapor is one of the industry's biggest names in vaping. It is a legendary vape juice brand that has created a variety of innovative flavors, all stretching from fruits to candy to dessert flavors, and many of them with a menthol version as well. Ruthless has created a new collection to add to its arsenal, the Freeze Edition, which consists of unique menthol blends. The manufacturing company has also built several top-tier vape brands, including Pleasure Factory, Ruthless E-Juice, Loaded E-Juice, and more. Ruthless Vapor is headquartered in southern California. It began its journey onto the market in 2011 and is still one of the leading vape juice brands, which thousands of vapers continue to rely on each day.

Cherry Bomb Freeze Edition by Ruthless Vapor shares quite the delicious vaping experience by using a tasty mix of sweet cherries and cool menthol flavor. This exciting flavor will set off a bomb in your mouth and have you truly appreciate the lingering taste.

Flavor Profile: Cherry, Menthol

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 60/40

May Contain Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)