Ruthless Freeze Joosie Red 100ml

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Joosie Red Freeze Edition by Ruthless Vapor 100ml

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Joosie Red Freeze Edition by Ruthless Vapor 100ml

Ruthless Joosie Red Freeze Edition Vape Juice Review

Sharing quite an impeccable taste, the new Joosie Red Freeze Edition by Ruthless Vapor has a lot to offer those looking for perfectly crafted vape juice blends to add to their collections. This tasty vape recreates the taste of fresh-out-of-the fridge apple juice.

What is Ruthless Joosie Red Freeze Edition? Joosie Red Freeze Edition by Ruthless Vapor is a 120mL bottle of perfectly mixed flavors, crafted to deliver the most satisfying taste. It is a red apple ice flavor, so you can expect a blend of red apple flavor and menthol to be combined with one another. This flavor profile has gained extraordinary popularity as of late, and Joosie Red should offer that authentic taste everyone continues to search for. It's about finding the most authentic of them all, and the Joosie Red Freeze Edition seems to provide that. Enjoy it now in both 3mg and 6mg strengths using Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN).

Ruthless Vapor is a premium vape juice brand that has gained immense popularity for its extraordinary products. It has developed a range of innovative vape juice flavors spread across a variety of vape brands, spanning from Over Loaded E-Juice to Pleasure Factory and many more. Ruthless Vapor is headquartered in sunny southern California and has been serving the vaping industry since 2011. Today, it remains to be one of the most favored names in vaping as it continues to create and develop some of the most successful vaping products.

Joosie Red Freeze Edition by Ruthless Vapor is a solid flavor creation that brings you an authentic experience. It combines a juicy red apple flavor with a mix of menthol, perfectly recreating that classic taste of a cold glass of apple juice. While many others attempt it, Ruthless Vapor has nailed it spot-on.

Flavor Profile: Red Apple, Menthol

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 60/40

May Contain Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)