Ripe Collection Salts Kiwi Dragon Berry on Ice

Ripe Collection Salts

Kiwi Dragon Berry on Ice by Ripe Collection Salts 30ml

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Kiwi Dragon Berry on Ice by Ripe Collection Salts 30ml

Ripe Collection Salts Kiwi Dragon Berry on Ice Salt Nic Review

Sporting a blistering taste with each puff the Kiwi Dragon Berry by Ripe Collection Salt vape juice is by far one of the most impressive blends we've tried yet. It is doused with tons of great flavor and will become one of the greatest vapes in your inventory of all-day vapes. It uses a mix of kiwis, dragon fruits, and blueberries, making for an extremely delicious taste.

What is Kiwi Dragon Berry on Ice salt nicotine vape juice? Kiwi Dragon Berry on Ice by Ripe Collection Salts is a perfectly concocted flavor that anyone would appreciate after taking just one puff. This incredible vape juice comes with tons of great flavors to enjoy, which is why we know you'll love this one. It combines flavors of kiwi, dragon fruit, blueberry, and menthol. What you're left with is a tasty fruit blend with a refreshing menthol to keep you cool. Kiwi Dragon Berry on Ice is available in a 30mL bottle and comes in two salt nicotine strengths to choose from, including 35mg and 50mg.

Ripe Collection Salts is a series of flavors that offers the most pleasing tastes for you to experience. The collection consists of various fruit flavors, and menthol versions as well. With awesome flavors, the finest ingredients, and an infusion of salt nicotine, you'll discover a lot of joy. The Ripe Collection is housed under the Vape 100 brand name, yet it is owned and manufactured by Savage Brand, which is the same industry-leading manufacturer that makes Savage E-Liquid, Ripe Collection, Cream Collection, and many more.

If you want to explore a new flavor that tastes great and will refresh your taste buds, Kiwi Dragon Berry on Ice is just the flavor you'll want. It has tons of good kiwi, dragon fruit, and blueberry flavors, and even comes with a hefty dose of menthol to refresh your taste buds. It's a cool vape that we cannot wait for you to try.

Flavor Profile: Kiwi, Dragon fruit, Blueberry, Menthol

Bottle Size: 30ml

PG/VG: 50/50