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Fiji Melons by Ripe Collection Salts 30ml

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Fiji Melons by Ripe Collection Salts 30ml

Ripe Collection Salts Fiji Melons Salt Nic Review

Loading your airways down with tons of flavor, it is one that will be hard to resist. Fiji Melons by Ripe Collection Salts is a flavorsome mix that you wouldn't believe tasted so good if you didn't try it for yourself. It uses a dazzling blend of Fiji apples, guavas, and watermelons, making for the perfect trio of tastes.

What is Fiji Melons salt nicotine vape juice? Fiji Melons by Ripe Collection Salts is an outstanding flavor that is sure to become one of your favorites. It uses a delicious mixture of flavors to provide an outstanding taste. You'll experience a blend of Fiji apples, exotic guavas, and a mouthwatering watermelon flavor that will soothe and satisfy your taste buds each time you take a puff. The outstanding blend of flavors is combined with a dose of quality salt nicotine, generating a smooth vape that allows higher nicotine strengths to enjoy. Ripe Collection Salts Fiji Melons is available in a 30mL bottle and has optional strengths of 35mg and 50mg.

Ripe Collection Salts is a magnificent collection of flavored vape juice, all boasting an infusion of salt nicotine to deliver a smooth and enjoyable experience. Along with brilliantly concocted tastes, each blend of vape juice is made with the finest ingredients, ensuring the best quality vape. Ripe Collection is under the Vape 100 brand, yet it is owned and manufactured by Savage Brand, the same manufacturing company that is responsible for developing industry-leading brands, such as Savage E-Liquid, Cream Collection, Ripe Collection, and more.

When searching for the most amazing tastes, Fiji Melons is definitely one you should consider. It provides an awesome flavor, great quality, and comes infused with salt nicotine that ensures you receive a smooth and enjoyable time throughout your journey with this flavor.

Flavor Profile: Fiji Apple, Guava, Watermelon

Bottle Size: 30ml

PG/VG: 50/50