Ripe Collection Salts Straw Nanners

Ripe Collection Salts

Straw Nanners by Ripe Collection Salts 30ml

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Straw Nanners by Ripe Collection Salts 30ml

Ripe Collection Salts Straw Nanners Salt Nic Review

Engulfing your taste buds with a magical mixture of flavors, Straw Nanners by Ripe Collection Salts is sure to become one of your most prized vape juice blends. It offers a super satisfying experience using a combination of strawberries and bananas, ultimately creating your next all-day vape.

What is Straw Nanners salt nicotine vape juice? Straw Nanners by Ripe Collection Salts is a premium vape juice blend that combines the delicious taste of flavors with the quality and smoothness of salt nicotine. It is a wonderful blend, boasting a pleasing mixture of ruby red strawberries and subtle notes of banana flavoring. What you're left with is an overwhelming vape juice blend that is not only smooth and satisfying but is very addicting as well. Ripe Collection Salts Straw Nanners are available in a 30mL bottle and can be enjoyed in salt nicotine strengths of 35mg and 50mg.

Ripe Collection Salts is a collection of vape juice that combines an infusion of salt nicotine with perfectly concocted flavors. The collection ultimately mimics the original Ripe Collection flavors, yet it is substituted with quality salt nicotine to provide a smoother experience while using higher nicotine strengths. Ripe Collection Salts is a collection under Vape 100, however, it is owned and manufactured by Savage Brand, a large manufacturing company that is responsible for building premium vape brands, including Savage E-Liquid, Cream Collection, Ripe Collection, and more.

If you've been looking for a delicious combination, you cannot go wrong with a mix of strawberries and bananas. This outstanding combination offers loads of delicious tastes, rushing over your taste buds and filling your airways with the most pleasing flavor experience.

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Banana

Bottle Size: 30ml

PG/VG: 50/50