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Kilo Original Series

Kilo Original Series is the classic flavor profiles in 60ml vape juice bottles. All five Kilo Eliquid flavors are now available at West Coast Vape Supply, Inc., The Kilo Original Series by Kilo Eliquids has been a trusted vapers choice since Kilo Eliquids released their flavors from the commissioned genius mixologist over at Kilo Eliquids.

Kilo Eliquids has been a consistent fan favorite having won praise at vape industry trade show events. Kilo Eliquids has released two new vape juice lines; Kilo White Series and Kilo Black Series, the repeated success and five fundamental values cultivated by the founders; Passion, Integrity, Sophistication, Creativity, and Patience. Since 2014 the consistent flavor blends have continued the legacy of the Kilo Eliquids premium vape juice brand.

Kilo Eliquids Original Series Flavor Profile Review

Kilo Cereal Milk

Cereal Milk ejuice by Kilo Original Series is the classic scrumptious fruity cereal drenched in silky smooth milk, topped off with Kilo Eliquids signature whipped cream. Kilo Cereal Milk is a must-have for any breakfast cereal and milk enthusiast.

Kilo Dewberry Cream

Kilo Dewberry Cream by Kilo Original Series is the original and first flavor profile Kilo Eliquids created. The unique honeydew cream flavor with notes of mixed berries provide an interesting twist that will delight your taste buds. The inhale and exhale delivers a smooth vape and are a perfect choice for an all-day-vape.

Kilo Fruit Whip

Fruit Whip by Kilo Eliquids 60ml is the classic delicious creamy blend of crisp green apples, pears, tropical fruit, and a basket of assorted berries than whipped with fresh cream. The unprecedented fruity creamy vape delivers wonders to your taste buds.

Kilo Kiberry Yogurt

Kilo Original Series Kiberry Yogurt by Kilo Eliquids is the scrumptious flavor blend of ripe sweet strawberries drenched in Kilo Eliquids signature yogurt cream and hints of kiwifruit.

Kilo Tru Blue

Tru Blu Kilo Original Series by Kilo Eliquids is the first dessert flavor by their genius mixologist, the delicate balance between sweet and sour blueberries topped off with creamy vanilla custard.  Blueberries atop cheesecake dessert-inspired vape juice will tease your tongue like it’s never been teased before.

With an assortment of delicious flavor profiles, you’ll have no problem finding the ideal vape juice from Kilo Eliquids.

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