Kilo White Chocolate Strawberry


White Chocolate Strawberry by Kilo White Series 100ml

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Kilo White Chocolate Strawberry by Kilo White Series 100ml

Kilo White Chocolate Strawberry Ejuice Review

White Chocolate Strawberry by Kilo White Series 100ml will bring you that chocolate fondue flavor with each puff. Each strawberry have been freshly picked and smothered in a thick coat of that savory white chocolate. This e-juice is truly satisfying with each puff, your sweet tooth will be pleased from this guilt-free treat from the first drop to the last. 

Kilo E-liquids is one of the top selling brands out on the current market, and are known world wide. The Kilo Eliquid brand has earned their rightful spot by using high quality ingredients to provide an authentic flavor. Kilo White Series consist of creamy dessert flavors for all those seeking to ditch those nag-y cravings. Finally with this vape juice collection your cravings will be put to rest.

On the inhale of Kilo White Chocolate Strawberry your pallet will be flooded with a genuine juicy strawberry e-juice flavor. This flavor truly taste like it has been pulled right off the vine. A creamy white chocolate e-juice flavor will storm in and take over your taste buds next. This creamy vape juice flavor will smother your tongue and ignite that sweet tooth with that chocolate taste. On the exhale that strawberry flavor intensifies to balance out that thick silky cream.

White Chocolate Strawberry by Kilo White Series 100ml will leave you feeling satisfied after each hit and guilt-free all day long. If we could we'd all have a fondue machine to dip our favorite fruits in that thick coat of chocolate. Sadly, nutritionist do not recommend this as a daily thing, but thanks to Kilo 100ml we can vape that same flavor all day long with White Chocolate Strawberry.

Kilo White Chocolate Strawberry arrives in a 100ml chubby unicorn bottle and nicotine variants of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Flavor Profile: White Chocolate, Strawberry

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30