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Apple Pie by Kilo Black Series 100ml

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Apple Pie by Kilo Eliquids 100ml

Kilo Apple Pie Vape Juice Review

Giving way to a deliciously crafted flavor blend, this is one vape juice that we’re certain you will go nuts for. It is a flavor that tastes as if it is a slice of heaven, offering a group of flavors that give the taste of grandma’s freshly-baked Apple Pie. It is a premium vape juice flavor that spews loads of dense vapor and a truly satisfying taste.

Apple Pie by Kilo Eliquids is an outstanding flavor concoction that you will absolutely love. From beginning to end, you will taste the magic that exudes from this tasty blend of flavors that were combined into one. As the flavors infuse together, it creates a satisfying vape experience that you will definitely be inclined to share. If you can imagine an oven-baked warm apple pie with sprinkles of cinnamon sugar, you can almost taste what Kilo Apple Pie offers before ever trying it. From the sugary apple slices to the warm pie crust, everything about this flavor speaks volumes of deliciousness with every puff. It is available in a 100mL bottle in nicotine levels of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Planting its foot in Orange County, California, Kilo Eliquids has become a pedestal brand for the vaping industry for years. It was first founded by Army Veteran James Kim and entrepreneur Jon Lee in 2014. Since its humble beginnings, Kilo Eliquids has been churning out unforgettable flavor creations and satisfying the tastes of thousands of vapers around the world. It has done a lot for the vaping industry during its time, such as co-founding California’s first Vape Trade Association, creating magnificent vape juice flavors that it has won as many as 15 awards for, and achieved several industry-changing accomplishments along its way. With its hefty collection of flavors and acting as a model premium vape juice manufacturer, Kilo Eliquids is one of the best and most achieved brands of today.

Standing tall, Kilo Eliquids is an outstanding brand to deal with. They create some of the most memorable flavor concoctions and offer satisfying tastes that you will appreciate with every puff. Kilo Eliquids Apple Pie is just another example of how remarkable this brand is and what they’re able to accomplish for consumers. If you enjoy dessert vapes, this Apple Pie is definitely a must-try.

Flavor Profile: Apple Pie, Cinnamon

Bottle Size: 100mL

VG/PG: 70/30