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Kilo Black Series

Leading the movement forward with premium quality vape juice, both James Kim and Jon Lee started theKilo Eliquids brand. They first kicked off their venture in 2014, planting its heels in the heart of sunny California. The developers and manufacturers of the Kilo Eliquids brand went onto creating some of the finest brands under its umbrella, while making great strides in the industry, such as founding California’s first Vape Trade Association (California Smoke-Free Association) in 2016.

During its time, it has collaborated with some of the most titan brands, while also focusing heavily to expand the Kilo brand with a series of vape juice collections. The Kilo Black Series has gained an enormous amount of success during its time. It consists of four sensational flavors, all uniquely crafted to provide superior enjoyment and ultimate satisfaction in every puff.

When Kilo Eliquids made its start in Orange County, California, it would hand out their first vape juice flavor,Kilo Dewberry Cream, at the popular event OC Vapers Club, and the flavor profile and brand immediately took off. It became one of the world’s most recognized brands, and to this day remains one of the industry’s most popular flavors. Kilo Eliquids has made several power moves that have advanced it in the vapor products marketplace, and the Kilo Black Series has only propelled the brand even further by garnering multiple awards and achievements.

Kilo Black Series Flavor Review

Apple Pie

Apple Pie by Kilo Black Series is one of the most authentic representations of an apple pie flavor you would ever encounter. It uses a list of complex flavors to create a remarkable taste that falls into the dessert category. Slammed with deliciousness, this tasty vape offers sugar-coated apple slices, subtle tones of pie crust, and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. The flavor continues to linger with goodness, even after you exhale.

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake by Kilo Black Series is yet another brilliant flavor that has been expertly crafted by the mixologists from Kilo Eliquids. It mimics the delicious, fun, and thrilling taste of a Birthday Cake, and makes it into a vapor form. From yummy vanilla frosting to the detailed rainbow sprinkles to the fluffy yellow cake, every part about this flavor will excite the tastes and have you coming back for more.

Honey Creme

Honey Creme by Kilo Black Series is perfect for flavor connoisseurs that enjoy unique blends that are out of the ordinary. This one-of-a-kind vape juice blend combines vanilla bean ice cream, a slight drizzle of sweet honey, and roasted nuts that have been ground down almost into a powder. The layers of flavor topple each other, creating a dessert-inspired vape experience that you won’t soon forget.

Milk and Cookies

Milk and Cookies by Kilo Black Series is just the flavor you would expect, except that it has been made creamier and better than anything else you’ve tried. This fascinating vape flavor embodies every note of milk and cookies, starting with the oven-baked cookies, silky smooth cream milk, and subtle notes of batter and chocolate to really enhance this flavor to be even better. If you enjoy the decadent vaping experience that only milk and cookies offer, this is one you have got to experience.

If you are one for a set of quality crafted flavors, all made perfectly to excite the taste buds, the fun collection of flavors in the Kilo Black Series is one you should give a chance. From Milk and Cookies to the Birthday Cake, every part about this series is delicious in every puff.

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