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Gods Of Egypt

Gods of Egypt is an extremely unique line of flavors, these liquids are unique recipes that were until today unseen. These 3 meticulously crafted flavors were developed to be refreshing with the perfect combination of fruit and spearmint. The flavors are bold and true to their flavor profile.

Gods of Egypt is packaged in a 100ml chubby bottle and contain a PG/VG ratio of 70/30. This PG/VG ratio allows for a solid throat hit and an intense flavor experience. Cloud chasers do not need to stress because with each exhale you will still receive that thick cloud of vapor you are seeking. They also offer 3 nicotine levels which include 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.  

Gods Of Egypt have also released nicotine salt e-juices for all those using pod devices. This provides consumers with an increased level so they don't have to vape as much to be able to kick those nicotine cravings. Their salts are the same as their original 3 savory flavor and are still sure to please. Gods of Egypt Nicotine Salt is packaged in a 30ml bottle and is available in 24mg. 36mg, and 48mg.

Gods Of Egypt Vape Flavor Review


Baset is a fusion of fruity and minty that will drive your taste buds crazy with its succulent and intense flavors. This blend of juicy strawberries and crisp watermelon have been fused with a spearmint vape juice flavor. This refreshing e-juice is a perfected flavor for an all-day-vape and is sure not to leave you flavor blind! On the inhale a rush of that strawberry flavor will smother your tongue. A crisp watermelon flavor will now dance along your taste buds delighting them with each inhale. On the exhale a minty rush of spearmint brings this e-liquid together making it truly one of a kind. 


Your favorite gas station tasty candy "mint" is now going to be your favorite e-juice flavor. This treat isn't usually minty but now with Osiris this Tic-Tac flavor is now fused with a spearmint base. This succulent orange flavor makes us indulge in a handful at a time so these tiny candies only last about 5 minutes, but now it is here to stay with this all-day-vape flavor from Gods Of Egypt. On the inhale that juicy candy orange flavor will ignite your taste buds with pleasure. On the exhale is a refreshing twist of icy mint that washes down that intense flavor. 


This vape juice flavor wont get your drunk, but is sure to please with its intoxicating flavor profile. RAA by Gods Of Egypt is a fusion of refreshing cucumbers, minty spearmint, and a tall mojito. On the inhale a cirtus lime flavor will flood into your mouth with this tangy flavor. Combining with this lime flavor is that minty spearmint that is sure to please. This flavor provides an authentic mojito taste. On the exhale a savory cucumber flavor makes this e-juice perfect for a warm summers day.

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