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Coconut Cake by Circus E-liquid 100ml

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Coconut Cake by Circus E-liquid 100ml

Circus Coconut Cake Vape Juice Review

Introducing Coconut Cake by Circus E-liquid a delicious recipe of chocolate cake with a whipped cream center and covered with coconut shavings and a marshmallow cream. You will experience every flavor note in this delicious pastry!

Circus E-liquid is an e-liquid company that understands how tough it is to wait for the circus/ local fair when there is more delicious food options to choose from than ever before! Well wait no more because Circus E-liquid is here to bring us all of the Circus favorites we know and love!

Flavor Profile: Coconut Shavings, Chocolate Cake, Marshmallow Cream, Whipped Cream 

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 80/20