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Circus Cookie

Pink & White Circus Cookie by Circus E-Liquid 100ml

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Pink & White Circus Cookie by Circus E-Liquid 100ml

Circus Cookie Vape Juice Review

Circus E-liquid is an e-liquid company that understands how tough it is to wait for the circus/ local fair when there is more delicious food options to choose from than ever before! Well wait no more because Circus E-liquid is here to bring us all of the Circus favorites we know and love!

Introducing Circus Cookie by Circus E-liquid this is the gigantic freshly baked cookie covered in pink and white frosting then of course sprinkled with sprinkles! Sweet and full flavored this liquid is made for anyone who have a sweet tooth!

Flavor Profile: Cookie, Frosting

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30