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UniApple by BLVK Unicorn 60ml

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UniApple by BLVK Unicorn 60ml

BLVK UniApple Vape Juice Review

Feeling "Majestic as Fvck"?

Well so does a certain brand...

Yes you guessed it, BLVK Unicorn! All of their flavors are a stepping stone to unlock the ultimate goal to a vapors heart, not even just FEELING majestic but BEING majestic. Now if you're a fruits only kind of unicorn you should try their flavor the UniApple by BLVK Unicorn 60ml it's like vaping a majestic apple.

You read it right, a majestic apple which is the only acceptable apple. It's sweet and it's almost as if a majestic spell was cast onto this special juice that makes those unicorn taste buds gallop their way to find more!

Here are the other majestic juices that'll give you the key, each juice gives you 7.1428571% of majesticness: 

  • UniLoop
  • UniDew
  • UniChew
  • UniNuts
  • UniCake
  • UniCoco
  • Milk Box Mango
  • Milk Box Chocolate
  • Milk Box Melon
  • FRZN Mango
  • FRZN Berry
  • FRZN Chee
  • FRZN Apple

Now I must tell you that there will be 0.0001% left over so you'll only be reaching 99.99999% of majesticness but you get those points just for shopping with West Coast Vape Supply... we can keep that a secret, leave all the other unicorns to suffer.



Q1.  What is a majestic apple?

 A1. Fuji apple, if you're fancy.

Q2. If I try this juice will I really become majestic?

 A2. Yes, each juice will lead you to become 100% majestic. But if you're a unicorn you're already majestic, also there's no such thing as being TOO majestic so you'll actually be a 100% more majestic.

Q3. On a serious note how is the juice?

 A3. The juice is just full of flavor even the scent it gives off a glimpse of what the Uniapple will taste like, it's like a fresh ripe apple that has that sweet yet tart feel to it.


Flavor Profile: Fruity, Apple, Fuji Apple, Majesticness

Bottle Size: 60ml Chubby Gorilla