BLVK Unicorn Glazed Buns

BLVK Unicorn

Glazed Buns by BLVK Unicorn 100ml

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Glazed Buns by BLVK Unicorn 100ml

BLVK Unicorn Glazed Buns Vape Juice Review

There aren't many people out in the world that doesn't enjoy donuts. They're not only a great breakfast treat with loads of sugar to get you amped up for the day, but they're extremely delicious as well. Glazed Buns by BLVK Unicorn is a blend that perfectly recreates the taste of a glazed donut.

What is BLVK Unicorn Glazed Buns vape juice? Glazed Buns by BLVK Unicorn is an absolutely delicious vape juice that perfectly recreates your favorite glazed donut. It provides an authentic experience as if you were biting into a warm, sugary donut. Upon the first puff, you'll immediately taste the donut flavor, which is entangled with sugary sweetness. It leaves a warm and savory flavor in your mouth that will have you wanting more. Glazed Buns comes in a large 100mL bottle and in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

BLVK Unicorn is a top-tier vape brand that has formulated a collection of premium vape juice with the most remarkable flavors. The collection of delicious vape juice provides some of the best tastes on the market, and it creates these flavor profiles using fruity, candy, dessert, menthol, and even tobacco flavors. BLVK Unicorn is made and manufactured by its parent brand BLVK Holdings, a company that is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and was launched in 2016 at the ASD Tradeshow.

If you are searching for an incredible flavor that will become one of your favorite vape treats. Glazed Buns by BLVK Unicorn is an extraordinary flavor profile, giving you a delicious donut flavor mixed with a sugary glaze for an authentic experience you're going to love.

Flavor Profile: Donut, Sugar

Bottle Size: 100ML

VG/PG: 70/30

May Contain Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)