One Hit Wonder Eliquid Review

One Hit Wonder Eliquid Review

One Hit Wonder Eliquid Review

If you are searching for the mouth-watering E-liquid, look no further than One Hit Wonder ejuice,  your search ends here. Handcrafted in Los Angeles, California, One Hit Wonder E-Liquid and One Mad Hit E-Liquid contains only the finest ingredients including TruNic that is 100% USA Grown and extracted liquid nicotine. One Hit Wonder Eliquid produces the high quality, delicious sugary flavor E-liquid at the absolute lowest price to the consumer.


In March 2015, One Hit Wonder took the world by storm with the release of Muffin Man ejuice. One Hit Wonder has since come a long way and has now launched an additional flavors: The Man ejuice (formerly known as Milk Man e Juice), Rocket Man, Magic Man Ejuice, My Man e Juice, Police Man e Juice and Juice Box Limited Edition One Mad Hit. One Hit Wonder E-Liquid is raising Industry standards to a new level. The most affordable pricing, for high quality liquid, makes One Hit Wonder the smartest decision you’ll ever make.

All One Hit Wonder Eliquids are available in 100ml Bottle with TruNic.

The Muffin Man e-Liquid has a robust apple flavor on the inhale followed by sweet undertones of warm muffin. Our Muffin Man e-Liquid comes in a 100ml plastic squeeze bottle along with 2 empty 15ml plastic unicorn bottles with green caps.


Unlike other salt nicotine flavors, One Hit Wonder's new salt nicotine juice line will be able to be used with you conventions devices, whether it is an sub ohm tank or a dripper and come in the standard nicotine levels 0mg, 3mg, 6mg. You now have the ability to vape salt nicotine without a pod system device.

Army Man Salt Nicotine by One Hit Wonder 100ml is a one of the stellar flavors from One Hit Wonder's new salt nicotine line. Smooth and creamy filling with a generous dollop of whipped cream infused with tangy and sweet key limes, all resting on a delicious vanilla graham cracker crust. It's a perfect combination of key lime pie blended with velvety milk. On inhale tarty key lime with nice undertone of buttery pie crust will tickle your taste buds followed with an exhale of a silky smooth milk.


A delectable blend of strawberry fruit and cream, The Man Ejuice is a sweet refreshing milk cream on the inhale followed by subtly sweet undertones of fresh strawberries that builds over the course of each vape. The Man Ejuice comes in one 100ml plastic squeeze bottle along with 2 empty 15ml plastic unicorn bottles with pink caps.


The Rocket Man vape juice is a blend of a delicious blueberry parfait treat, our One Hit Wonder Rocket Man has a cereal flavor on the inhale followed by sweet undertones of a parfait blueberry milk. It comes in one 100ml plastic squeezable bottle along with 2 empty 15ml plastic unicorn bottles with green cap.


One Hit Wonder My Man Ejuice is known to have the richest flavors from the collection of One Hit Wonder, from the last three flavors that have been released that are Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla flavors. This has been crafted to perfection, similar to what you would get at your favorite ice cream parlor. My Man ejuice has left all our consumers getting that image of maybe a Greek Cyprus. Puff away that Neapolitan for desert and keep it on your top shelf.


magic man ejuice

Magic Man Ejuice by One Hit Wonder Eliquid 100ml vape juice is the blend of fruity flavors mixed into a sweet gummy candy that will tingle your taste buds. Magic Man has a robust flavor of sweet fruit gummy snacks on the inhale and exhale. Magic Man Ejuice is a all day vape for you sweet tooth fruit snack lovers!


Muffin man vape juice is a unique blend of sweet apples and warm cinnamon muffin that will warm your taste buds with sweet goodness. Muffin Man ejuice has robust apple flavor on the inhale followed by sweet undertones of warm muffin on the exhale.

On the inhale, One Hit Wonder Muffin Man delivers the gloriously rich taste of a homemade cinnamon muffins that is sure to dazzle your taste buds. On The exhale, the hot out of the oven glazed muffin is guaranteed to make your mouth-water.

One Hit Wonder is handcrafted in Los Angeles California using one-hundred percent USA grown and extracted liquid nicotine "TruNic".

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