Vape Deals Holiday Shopping Gift Guide from Online Discount Store West Coast Vape Supply

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Vape Deals Holiday Shopping Gift Guide from Online Discount Store West Coast Vape Supply

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Nov. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- November is vape deals month at West Coast Vape Supply, the online retailer has released its Holiday Shopping Guide for vape starter kit, 120ml e-juice, vape mods and more. The vape online shopping guide contains various product recommendations from top brand names like Asmodus , Eleaf and SMOK. 120ml vape juice deals from top name e-liquid brands like Cuttwood, Kilo Eliquids, Smoothy Man, Uncle Junk's, Naked 100 E-Juice and various other 120ml and 60ml E-liquid brands. West Coast Vape Supply is confident all its product offerings would make a great gift this holiday season. West Coast Vape Supply distributes vape mods, e-juice and related accessories direct to online consumers and to mom and pop vape shops and smoke shops nationwide. It offers premium vaping products online and through its branded store located in Surf City, Huntington Beach, California. Best e-juice brands 2016 – Each and every brand usually has one or two stand-out flavors, finding out which one can be daunting especially with new FDA Regulation prohibiting samples and vape juice flavor testing at vape shops and smoke shops nationwide. Naked 100 E-juice is the No.1 brand West Coast Vape Supply recommends for vape juice gift buying, available in a generous 60ml bottles for under twenty dollars, followed by the all new Kilo Black Series, there are four Kilo Black Series flavors, including Apple Pie, Birthday Cake, Honey Creme and Milk & Cookies. The Marina Vape Donuts E-juice line has also topped the shopping guide brand recommendation list this Holiday Shopping Season. Bang for your buck 120ml e-juice bottle brands include Gost Vapor e-juice and Smoothy Man e-juice 120ml bottle starting at $29.99 West Cost Vape Supply delivers the new intuitive and affordable iCare Vape and iCare Mini by Eleaf as vape shoppers prepare for the holiday season and capitalize on the deals offered on the newest vape hardware and vape juice under $29.99 retail. Study after study finds vaping is a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. In Great Britain well-respected Royal College of Physicians recently released a study that acknowledges what anti-smoking activists are saying, "Smoking is the biggest avoidable cause of death and disability, and social inequality in health, in the UK." It notes smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes is difficult for most people, who are addicted to nicotine. West Coast Vape Supply believes "in the interests of public health it is important to promote the use of superior vaping products as an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes." says Al Benyameen, President of West Coast Vape Supply, Inc. Come mid-November, sales and vape deals will be in full swing, with more than 4 in 10 shoppers say they will rarely or never pay full price for purchases during the 2016 holiday season, we're all shopping in the season of deals right now, so there's rarely any reason not to bite on the vape deals West Coast Vape Supply has been rolling out, getting at least 20-30% off what you would typically pay at your local vape shop.

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