Say Hello to Bake Sale E-Juice Review

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Say Hello to Bake Sale E-Juice

Here at West Coast Vape Supply we are constantly searching for the latest in delicious eliquids, roving the countryside, vaping and sampling some of the finest eliquids around! Well, have we got something for you. We have an exciting new range of eliquids fresh from sunny Orange County, CA The vaping specialists at Bake Sale E Juice have got the exciting new Yellow Butter Cake, and Purple Wedding Cake to wet your vaping taste buds. Yellow Butter Cake eliquid simply melts in your mouth, a delicious warm butter pound cake, a dessert ejuice that combines a smooth vape with a creamy, sweet, powerful and rich flavor combination. You get the rich and savory butter cake flavor when you first inhale, and a blast of creamy vanilla icing when you exhale. If you consider yourself an eliquid dessert connoisseur, then you’re not going to be able to pass this one up. Bake Sale E Juice Warm Yellow Cake manufactured in the vaping ground zero zone – Orange County,  CA. This flavor is especially so interesting because it’s the same flavor as Mastro’s Signature Warm Yellow Butter Cake recipe at Mastro’s in Newport Beach, CA and is known for their great tasting steaks and this Signature Warm Butter Cake in particular.  The Purple Wedding Cake Eliquid is built around a buttery and smooth vanilla cake, which is then layered with thick, rich cream cheese, and finished off with roux icing, and just a dash of fluffy red cake filling. You get that taste of delicious savory cake when you first inhale the eliquid, but then on the exhale you get a subtle vanilla cream cheese icing flavor that will blow your taste buds away.  We know that all you dessert lovers and cake lovers are simply going to fall in love with these new eliquid flavors from Bake Sale eliquids, so make sure you don’t wait around too long! Get in there and experience the sweet and savory goodness of cake flavored vapes for yourself! Come and check them out at West Coast Vape Supply today. Use coupon code: vapejuice at checkout for 20% off all E-juice *This offer for retail customers only.

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