Black Note E-Liquid Review

Black Note E-Liquid Review

Black Note E-Liquid Review

Back Note E-Liquid is a brand that is dedicated to providing a real tobacco taste in hopes to get people to stop smoking. In all of their vape juices they stay away from artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and additives. Black Note E-Liquid hopes that one day everyone will stop smoking cigarettes and vaping, but until then they provide these vape juices as a second best option.

Black Note E-Liquid Flavor Review


Black Note Sonata

Sonata takes Virginia tobacco and puts it through a Cavendish process. The process gives a richer and more flavorsome taste. Cavendish tobacco is any tobacco that's been treated by heat. After the tobacco is subjected to the heat, it goes through heavy pressure which provides a sweeter taste. Cavendish is used to make tobacco flavors sweeter. 


Black Note Forte

Forte is the rich taste of Burley tobacco. The Burley tobacco leaf is aged to just the right age to provide a smooth taste in Mount Vesuvius, located in the Gulf of Naples in Italy. The tobacco leaf is grown on the bottom of an Italian volcano. Forte gives you a genuine tobacco taste. Burley tobacco is light air-cured that has very little sugar.


Black Note Jazz

Jazz is an all American blend. This blend uses three different strands of tobacco, Virginia tobacco, Burley tobacco, and Oriental tobacco. Black Note Jazz is fermented in wine barrels giving this tobacco fruity notes. The original blend provides natural sweetness giving you the most mouth watering tobacco flavor. Oriental tobacco is wildly known as Turkish tobacco and has below average nicotine content. 


black note pop

Pop is an English blend tobacco taste that has a relaxing flavor. A common English blend involves 3 types of tobacco which include Latakia, Virginia, and Perique. Virginia tobacco is one of the more mild tobaccos that are used for blends, it has one of the highest natural sugar content making it sweet in taste. Perique tobacco is a dark tobacco that is known for its spicy flavor. Latakia tobacco gives a smokey aroma and has a very overpowering taste. Think of Perique and Latakia tobacco like adding salt and pepper to Virginia tobacco. These leafs are added more for a taste and aroma experience. This blend is savory and rich with every puff. 


Black Note Prelude

Prelude is a savory blend of a Virginia tobacco flavor. Black Note E Liquid gets their tobacco leafs from the sandy plains that surround the Italian Alps. These Virginia tobacco leafs are flue cured meaning in the drying process of harvesting. Flue cured means they use externally fed fire boxes to heat the tobacco without exposing it to smoke, and doing this provides them with the ability of slowing raising the heat over the course of the curing. This method takes about a week to do and produces tobacco that is higher in sugar and moderate to high levels of nicotine. 


Black Note Raggae

Raggae is a Virginia tobacco and menthol blend. This Virginia tobacco flavor is sure to please with its naturally sweet flavor. This menthol based used by Black Note 30ml is extracted from peppermint leaves giving it the most authentic minty taste. This blend takes a genuine tobacco taste and fuses it with a icy rush of menthol to provide a refreshing exhale. All those tobacco and menthol lovers are sure to be please with Raggae by Black Note 30ml. 


Black Note Solo

Solo is a Turkish tobacco and menthol vape juice flavor blend. Turkish tobacco is a more aromatic small leaf tobacco that has been sun cured. Turkish tobacco has a milder flavor and a lower nicotine level with each leaf. Sun curing refers to tobacco that dries uncovered out in the sun. Other curing options include flue, air, and fire. Sun cured tobacco is used on oriental tobaccos. Followed by this authentic tobacco taste is a strong icy menthol to provide a cooling ending to this e-juice.

For smooth taste and the most authentic flavors, Black Note E-Liquid wins the trophy. If you are an avid vape enthusiast and seeking only the best tasting tobacco flavored the vape industry has to offer, nobody does it like Black Note!

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