Air Factory Vanilla Crunch 100ML


Vanilla Crunch by Air Factory 100ml

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Vanilla Crunch by Air Factory 100ml

Air Factory Vanilla Crunch Vape Juice Review

Slathering your airways with the perfect treat, Vanilla Crunch by Air Factory is sure to become a favorite. It is a complex blend of flavors that brings together the taste of vanilla and cookies, creating an exceptional cookie flavor that is perfect for anyone who enjoys the delicious, crumbling taste of cookies.

What is Air Factory Vanilla Crunch vape juice? Vanilla Crunch by Air Factory is a premium vape juice that features an extraordinary concoction of flavors. It recreates the taste of a freshly baked vanilla cookie by combining the perfect balance of vanilla flavor and cookie flavor. This delightful treat is the perfect anytime flavor, making it an all-around great blend to add to your daily routine of vapes. From one puff to the next, we're certain Vanilla Crunch will satisfy your tastes. Vanilla Crunch by Air Factory is filled within a 100mL bottle and you'll have a choice of 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths.

Air Factory is a vape juice brand that has a flavor for every taste you may crave. From fruity to menthol to dessert flavors, there's plenty to explore. Air Factory has a wide variety of vape juices that can satisfy all of your cravings, and they've made some of the industry's most iconic flavor profiles that people continue to enjoy to this day. Air Factory makes all of its vape juices with the highest quality ingredients to provide its customers with the best possible vaping experience. The brand is stationed in Southern California and remains to be one of the most popular choices for vapers.

If you are wanting a mouthwatering flavor that is extremely delicious, this treat is definitely what you should consider. Vanilla Crunch by Air Factory is an awesome flavor to add to your roster of favorites, as it perfectly recreates a freshly baked cookie that you can enjoy in vapor form anytime you want.

Flavor Profile: Vanilla, Cookie

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30