Taruto by Yami Salt 30ml

Yami Vapor Salt Nic

Taruto by Yami Vapor SALT Eliquid 30ml

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Nicotine Level

Taruto by Yami Vapor Salts Eliquid 30ml

Yami Vapor SALT Taruto Vape Juice Review

Taruto by Yami Vapor SALT edition was made for those who enjoy this specific flavor but wished it was turned up a notch on its nicotine dosage. This delicious creamed custard vape juice will not only satisfy your needs for something sweet, but also that nice rush of pleasure that travels throughout the body for a calming sensation that comes a lot quicker and needing less hits to last you through the day.

Imagine that lush batch of whipped egg whites that similar to having a meringue with its milky creamed tones on the inhale. While on the exhale you’ll taste the thickness of the leftover yolk mixed into the custard based extracts that flows and bathes your tongue in a sweet smooth custard vapor. Leaving a delicious unique aftertaste that’ll set and relax that starving sweet tooth in one hit.

This juice was made to be vaped in pod systems ONLY. Salt nic juices were not made to be vaped in any sub ohm tanks due to dangers in nicotine poisoning when vaped at high wattages.

Flavor Profile: Egg, Custard

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50