Juusu by Yami Salt 30ml

Yami Vapor Salt Nic

Juusu by Yami Vapor SALT Eliquid 30ml

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Nicotine Level:

Nicotine Level

Juusu by Yami Vapor Salts Eliquid 30ml

Yami Vapor SALT Juusu Vape Juice Review

Juuse by Yami Vapor SALT edition was made with the same intent of creating its popular lush flavor along with a nice kick of stronger nicotine levels. It’s beautiful blend of crisp apples, ripened sweet peach, and nectarous exotic lychee vape juice is now enjoyable in flavor and in the pleasant intake of nicotine at a higher dosage.

Immerge yourself in that pool of scrumptious fresh fruits getting a grasp of that true flavor of tart apples and the perfect peach on the inhale, while getting that burst of sweetened lychee gusting on the exhale giving you a delicious aroma of these fruits making it twice as much of a satisfying experience as you vape away.

This juice was made to be vaped in pod systems ONLY. Salt nic juices were not made to be vaped in any sub ohm tanks due to dangers in nicotine poisoning when vaped at high wattages.

Flavor Profile: Apple, Peach, Lychee

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50