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Caramel Brulee by Coastal Clouds 60ml

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Caramel Brulee by Coastal Clouds 60ml

Coastal Clouds Caramel Brulee Vape Juice Review

Boasting the magnificent flavors that create an experience you'll want to remember, Caramel Brulee is a vape juice you'll love to vape. It delivers the flavors of rich caramel with a sweet cream taste that will surely help you decide to add it to your growing vape juice collection. 

What does Caramel Brulee vape juice taste like? Caramel Brulee by Coastal Clouds is a breathtaking combination that you'll be happy to call a favorite. This vape juice creates a premium duo of rich caramel flavors combined with sweet cream flavors, which makes for a phenomenal vape juice that you'll never get tired of puffing on. From beginning to end, your taste buds will love the journey you go through as you taste the unique flavors of this extraordinary vape juice. Caramel Brulee is available in a 60mL bottle and you can enjoy its flavors with an infusion of nicotine, with three choices, including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Coastal Clouds is an amazing brand that creates, develops, and manufactures the most delicious vape juices out of Irvine, California. This is an award-winning brand that creates a variety of superb vape juices that have become a favorite of many people. It consists of fruits, sweets, and menthol flavors, all of which make for an amazing collection. You'll be able to experience a mouthwatering selection of flavors that are sure to become a favorite. This is a premium brand that creates vape juices that will satisfy every craving you've had with every puff.

Caramel Brulee by Coastal Clouds is a delightful vape juice that creates an amazing experience with every puff. It delivers the amazing tastes of rich caramel and sweet cream flavors to make for a all-day everyday kind of vape juice.

Flavor Profile: Caramel, Cream

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30