Twisty by Time Bomb Vapors 60ml

Time Bomb

Twisty by Time Bomb Vapors 60ml

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Twisty by Time Bomb Vapors 60ml

Time Bomb Twisty Vape Juice Review

This sour candy flavor is sure to have you tossing your candies out your car window from the first puff you take. The mix of sour apple candy vape juice with the blueberry candy flavor will send shivers down your spine. Twisty 60ml by Time Bomb Vapors will inevitably cause you to go a bit looney from the first time you open the bottle.

As you inhale Time Bomb Twisty, the taste of sour apple candy will have your lips puckering. The salivating inducing flavor of sour apple candy is something so accurate that you won't ever crave for real sour candies again. As you exhale, the blueberry candy flavor combines with the bitter apple taste to give you one last jolt of sour before smothering it with sweet. This vape juice will send tingles across your skin with every inhale and exhale.

Starting in 2013 Buckshot Vapors Inc. became a thing when two people, a skater guy named Greg, and a punk chick name Alena were not happy with the vape juices on the market and set out to create better vape juices. Their beginning vape juices were so distinctive that they quickly became known as an all-day-vape. Once they realized how popular these vape juices were growing, they set out to make another line which is known as Time Bomb Vapors.

Twist 60ml by Time Bomb Vapors is the perfect vape juice for those of you will a sour-sweet tooth they can't kick. These intense, intoxicating flavors will be sure to keep that sweet tooth at bay and your taste buds happy. With every inhale and exhale of Twisty vape juice you will grin from ear to ear with a crazed look in your eye.

Flavor Profile: Sour Apple, Blueberry, Candy

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30