Green Apple by Skwezed SALT 30ml

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Green Apple by Skwezed SALT E-liquid 30ml

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Green Apple by Skwezed SALT E-liquid 30ml

Skwezed Salt Green Apple Vape Juice Review

Summertime always comes in with a wave of heat. When these long summer days and warm summer nights wear you down, there’s nothing like the first bite into a crisp freshly-picked green apple. But who has time to go out and pick apples?

No worries. Skwezed has got you covered with their new Green Apple Salt Nicotine Juice. Skwezed Green Apple Salt Nicotine Juice's distinct green apple flavor will have you sinking into clouds of sweet, fruity ease on the inhale. You'll find the intoxicating freshness has you coming back again and again. On the exhale, ride the wave of refreshing tart aftertaste and let the cool green apple flavor satisfy your every need.

You'll become a Skwezed fanatic from the first inhale, so why not get started on the greatest taste adventure and buy your Skwezed Green Apple Salt Nicotine Juice today.

Flavor Profile: Green Apple, Fruit

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50