Razzman by Sengoku Vapor 100ml

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Razzman by Sengoku Vapor 100ml

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Razzman by Sengoku Vapor 100ml

Sengoku Vapor Razzman Vape Juice Review 

Sengoku Vapor Razzman is the perfect blue raspberry flavor in the sea of blue raspberry vape juices. Sengoku Vapor Razzman will be sure to stand out in the crowd with its flavor and amazing clouds. You won't want to hesitate to grab a bottle of this vape juice, it will be gone before you can blink. 

As you inhale Senguko Vapor Razzman you taste the sweet fresh-picked raspberries mixed with that sweet blue dye that your taste buds will beg for. On the exhale of Sengoku Vapor Razzman the taste of sweet blue raspberries starts to dwindle down as you blow out a thick milky cloud. Sengoku Vapor offers the most perfect milky clouds without risking flavor with the 70/30 VG/PG mix that you will be sure to notice. From the flavor to the clouds you will be sure to be addicted to Sengoku Vapor Razzman. Sengoku Vapor Razzman without a doubt is your next favorite blue raspberry vape juice with its spot-on flavor. 

Sengoku Vapor has made a perfect vape juice for everyone but Razzman is sure to be the best one. Sengoku Vapors has made Razzman disappointment free with its incredible cloud and flavor. From the first inhale to the last exhale you will obsess with Sengoku Vapors Razzman. Sengoku Vapors has set out to release only the most flavorful vape juices and boy did they ever. From Razzman to Kendoman there is sure to be a vape juice for you, so you can also bear witness to the most perfect vaping experience.

Sengoku Vapor Razzman is going to be your next action with its incredible flavor. You won't have to worry about buying fresh fruit after tasting this incredible blue raspberry e-juice that Sengoku Vapor has perfected. From the fresh blue raspberries to the milky clouds you will be sure to be raving about this vape juice to everyone. Sengoku Vapors has perfected Razzman and all of their other vape juice flavors for the best vaping experience possible. You will be sure to love everything about Sengoku Vapor Razzman from the bottle size to the insane flavor, there nothing not to love about this vape juice.  

Flavor Profile: Blue Raspberry 

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30