B.S.S.M by Off The Record 60ml


B.S.S.M by Off The Record 60ml

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B.S.S.M by Off The Record 60ml

Off The Record B.S.S.M Vape Juice Review

B.S.S.M is the fifth studio album released in the year 1991 made by the Red Hot Chili Peppers themselves. It had some hit songs like Under the Bridge that slapped them on the US Billboard Hot 100 as number two. So if this album was a hit imagine what the juice itself would be like. I mean, they do have to live up to the name right?

Irresistible sour candy that is hard not to grab on the way out of the convenience store is now easily accessible with just a press of a button. One drag will draw in a thick sheet of vapor that will just pour bittersweet strawberry and watermelon candy all on your tongue drenching it in sweet yummy goodness all along the inhale and exhale. You’ll have a slight fog of flavor remaining as it slowly dissipates into your mouth leaving a delightful aftertaste.

Off The Record Liquids is an extraordinary addition to the market, as this brand offers an incredible collection of premium vape juice with delectable flavors. The brand is headquartered in Sylmar, California, and has been providing the marveled collection of vape juice since 2015, when it first opened Off The Record (OTR) Vapor. During its long journey, OTR took two years to reformulate its blends and eventually came back with flavors that were dialed in to best portray music that the flavors are inspired by. Off The Record Vapor was founded by, as you would expect, a rock star musician, which also had a talented background in culinary arts. He took his love for both, combined them together, and created an outstanding line of flavorful vape juice. As a result, Off The Record Liquids has become one of the industry’s most popular go-to’s for delicious vapes.

In honor of this album Off The Record made sure that this juice became a banger and let me tell you they gave it all they’ve got. If you’re a Red Hot Chili Pepper fan then you have to give this vape juice a try! I guarantee that it will not let you down.

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Watermelon, Sour

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30