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Nasty Juice

Headquartered and manufactured on the west coast of Malaysia, Nasty Juice launched itself onto the market in September 2015 and quickly grew into one of the world’s largest brands. As an international company, Nasty Juice has made great strides at every angle of the market, proving the Malaysian mixologists behind Nasty Juice are ejuice specialists dedicated to their craft. They’ve achieved such success due to its appealing brand design, use of fine quality ingredients, and of course the wonderful creation of vape juice flavors.

Founder Pak Din created Nasty Worldwide, the parent company, with a mission to help people quit smoking entirely. That mission has since changed, focusing on showing people that vaping is more than just vape, it’s about your health, well-being, and it’s a lifestyle. This has sparked Pak Din and his “nasty” staff to develop Nasty clothing, appear in music videos, partner with some of the industry’s largest vape brands, create vaping devices, and expand its portfolio by developing several collections of premium vape juice. Due to the outstanding work and achieving great heights, Nasty five awards in 2016, four in 2017, six in 2018, and another four in 2019. It’s safe to say that this is one nasty collection of awards!

Consisting of 60mL aluminum, unicorn, and chubby gorilla bottles, Nasty Juice offers incredible packaging, and each bottle is filled to the top with tons of ‘nasty’ flavor. It creates the perfect balance between flavor and vapor production due to an optimal VG/PG ratio. To satisfy users to no end, each flavor is available in several nicotine strengths, including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg to meet any desired nicotine level.

Nasty Vape Juice Flavor Review

ASAP Grape

ASAP Grape by Nasty Juice E-Liquid is a grape flavor that is consistently smooth and full of flavor from start to finish. It combines a trio of flavors, including the bitter flavor of dark grapes, the sweetness of a variety of berries, and a layer of menthol to keep your mouth freshened so that your taste buds yearn for more.

Cush Man

Cush Man by Nasty Juice E-Liquid is an outstanding blend that is sure to please your tastes in sub-zero temperatures. It consists of fruit and menthol, giving your taste buds the flavors it craves while keeping your mouth completely refreshed. Enjoy loads of freshly picked mango with a twist of menthol to deliver a truly chilling experience from beginning to end.

Bad Blood

Bad Blood by Nasty Juice E-Liquid is loaded with unique fruit flavor and menthol to create a one-of-a-kind vape experience that you are sure to want to revisit. It uses a smooth blackcurrant berry flavor that is full of flavor, then combines it with a hint of menthol, leaving your mouth refreshed with vapor soaking flavor.

Devil Teeth

Devil Teeth by Nasty Juice E-Liquid is just the name, so don’t let it deter you from experiencing one of the industry’s greatest vape juice creations of all time. In reality, it is an expertly crafted blend of juicy honeydew melon and bone-chilling menthol. You’re left with a vape that not only tastes incredible but also leaves your mouth refreshed and watering.

Fat Boy

Fat Boy by Nasty Juice E-Liquid is a similar flavor to Cush Man, yet comes loaded with cool mint to revitalize your taste buds. Fat Boy is a freshly picked tropical mango flavor that seems to melt on the tongue. It is accompanied by a dash of cool mint to freshen the taste buds and please those who crave sweet, mouthwatering blends in a vapor form.

Green Ape

Green Ape by Nasty Juice E-Liquid boasts handfuls of succulent vape juice flavor. It starts by unveiling the crisp taste of green apples on the inhale, then receives a splash of menthol as an exit flavor for the exhale. These two seem to collide through the process, creating a lingering taste you are soon to revisit.

Slow Blow

Slow Blow by Nasty Juice E-Liquid provides an extraordinary taste of classic lemonade, yet with a subtle twist to enhance the flavor and keep your taste buds satisfied to no end. Imagine a tall glass of lemonade with a dabbles of pineapple juice just to change things up a bit. Your mouth will be overwhelmed with tasty flavor notes to keep you coming back for more.

Trap Queen

Trap Queen by Nasty Juice E-Liquid offers the refreshing taste of strawberries combined with a menthol base. On the inhale, you immediately taste juicy, scrumptious strawberries that seem to soak the taste buds. The exhale delivers both strawberries and a subtle hint of menthol to deliver a thrilling taste that will satisfy you to no end.

Wicked Haze

Wicked Haze by Nasty Juice E-Liquid is a brilliantly crafted vape juice flavor that combines two unique flavors to create an out-of-this-world experience. From inhale to exhale, your lips pucker with excitement from delicious tastes of lemonade and blackcurrant berry. The experience is completed with a hint of menthol to freshen the palette for another round.


Stargazing by Nasty Juice E-Liquid has loads of flavor that are just waiting to deliver the satisfying taste you’ve been craving. With just the right tarty tones, Stargazing offers ripe blueberries, more blueberries, and more blueberries. This vape juice is loaded with tons of blueberry flavor, almost to the point where it’s too much. Blended perfectly, you’ll enjoy just the right amount of berry flavor to excite your tastes.

Broski Berry

Broski Berry by Nasty Juice E-Liquid offers a blast of freshly picked berries to create a ‘berry’ good vape experience. It combines fresh cherries, tarty raspberries, and delicious deep-colored blueberries to create an all-day berry vape you won’t want to live without. From beginning to end, Broski Berry offers the berry tastes your palette craves.

Mango Banana

Mango Banana by Cush Man is a vape juice that is a part of a collection that sits within the Nasty Juice umbrella, boasting deliciously crafted tastes of freshly ripened mango, sweet creamy banana, and a variety of fruits as an undertone. From the first puff to your last, this collision of mango and banana is just the wrecking path you want to take to join the rest of the Nasty family.

Displaying a sense of edginess and keeping up-to-date with the latest trends, Nasty Juice is certainly setting itself apart from the rest. It delivers an arsenal of remarkable flavor creations, and for that, Nasty Juice and its band of misfit vape juices are considered a must-try all-day-vape!

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