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ASAP Grape by Nasty Juice 60ml

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ASAP Grape by Nasty Juice 60ml

Nasty Juice ASAP Grape Vape Juice Review

Creating a mesmerizing vape that is sure to satisfy your tastes, you'll be hard-pressed to find any grape flavor on the market that can compare. ASAP Grape by Nasty Juice is a perfect concoction that pairs juicy grapes with a classic fizzy soda-pop, making for the most amazing grape soda flavor.

What is Nasty Juice ASAP Grape vape juice? ASAP Grape by Nasty Juice is a premium vape juice blend that delivers a classic, familiar flavor. It combines a sweet, slightly strong grape flavor and entangles it with the fizzy taste of classic soda, creating a familiar grape soda flavor that delivers an authentic taste. While the grape is the most dominant in this profile, the concoction is further enhanced with a finishing blend of mixed berries, ranging from blueberries to blackberries to raspberries, and even mint flavor. What you'll receive is a complex vape juice you'll want to vape all day long. ASAP Grape is filled in a large 100mL bottle and is available in 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths.

Nasty Juice is a premium vape brand that specializes in creating deliciously crafted vape juice with an incredible range of flavors to experience. It has created a stunning collection that has gained a lot of fans, providing amazing flavors, and consistent tastes and using quality ingredients. From delicious fruits to dessert-inspired blends, you'll love every puff. Nasty Juice is headquartered in Tampin, Malaysia, and has been developing award-winning flavors since 2015. After years of creating some of the most memorable concoctions, it is still one of the industry's most prized brands.

If you are looking for delicious vape juice to puff on throughout the day, this incredible flavor is just what you need. It's perfect for those who enjoy the classic taste of grape soda pop, as it produces a spot-on taste you'll be very familiar with. From grape to fizzy soda to a mix of berries, this blend should be at the top of your must-have list.

Flavor Profile: Grape, Soda, Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Mint

Bottle Size: 60ML

VG/PG: 70/30