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Hop Scotch by Humble Salt 30ml

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Hop Scotch by Humble Salt 30ml

Humble Salt Hop Scotch Salt Nicotine Juice Review

Hop Scotch by Humble Salt makes for the most satisfying taste by conjoining a spectacular mix of toffee, vanilla, custard, and butterscotch. This fascinating group of flavors will leave your airways filled with mouthwatering flavor and it comes with the smoothest, most enjoyable experience.

What is Hop Scotch vape juice? Hop Scotch by Humble Salt is an amazing mix of flavors that creates a dessert-like vape. The flavors it uses to give you the taste of a classic blend, yet made in vapor form to diminish the calories and provide a smooth and enjoyable vape that you can puff on all day long. The flavors consist of toffee, vanilla, custard, and butterscotch. It is an exciting mixture of flavors that will keep you wanting to vape all day long. Explore this tasty blend in a 30mL bottle using 48mg of Tobacco Free Nicotine Salt.

Humble Salt is the salt nicotine version of the original Humble Juice Co collection. It offers the same great tastes as the ones you're familiar with, and sports the same fruit and dessert taste, with the exception of the formula used to create them. Humble Salt uses Tobacco Free Nicotine Salt, synthetic salt nicotine that is extraordinarily smooth and free of any tobacco. It is all headquartered under the name you've come to know and love, Humble Juice Co. It is a manufacturing company and brand that is based in southern California and offers one of the industry's largest varieties of vape juice.

Humble Salt Hop Scotch is a blast of a vape juice blend. It shares some of the most thrilling tastes by combining a delicious mix of toffee, vanilla, custard, and butterscotch, creating a classic-like flavor profile that you can keep coming back to over and over.

Flavor Profile: Toffee, Vanilla, Custard, Butterscotch

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50