HMBL Salt Guava Kahn 30ml

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Guava Kahn by Humble Salt 30ml

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Guava Kahn by HMBL Salt 30ml

HMBL Guava Kahn Salt Nicotine Juice Review

Guava Kahn by HMBL Salt is an awesome flavor we're certain you won't forget. It delivers a symphony of tastes, bringing together an incredibly complex blend that is comprised of guavas, strawberries, bananas, and dragon fruit flavors. It is a mix that you'll want to vape on all day long.

What does HMBL Salt Guava Kahn vape juice taste like? Guava Kahn by HMBL Salt tastes like an artisanal blend of fruits, giving you a complex taste that leaves your tastes puzzled with loads of flavor. With a single inhale, you'll breathe in mouthwatering tastes of exotic guava, juicy strawberry, creamy banana, and tropical dragon fruit flavor. It is the perfect blend of flavors, giving you a quality taste that you can puff away on all day. Guava Kahn Salt is made using a Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN) salt and is available in a 48mg strength and filled in a 30mL bottle.

HMBL Salt is a large manufacturing brand that specializes in the development and creation of premium vape juice. The brand is based out of sunny California and is one of the leading names in vaping, having created some of the industry's most popular concoctions. It uses many flavors, ranging from fruits to menthol to dessert blends, which are all perfectly crafted with your tastes in mind. Along with creating award-winning flavors, Humble Juice Co is known for the quality of its vape juice, using the best ingredients, including salt nicotine and Tobacco Free Nicotine salt. With the many unbelievable experiences it creates, people all over the world continue to rely on the Humble name to satisfy their cravings.

Guava Kahn by HMBL Salt is a magnificent vape juice that we're certain everyone will appreciate. The complex mix of strawberries, guavas, bananas, and dragon fruit really come together to create an all-day vape you will never get tired of vaping. If you're looking for a solid flavor to add to your collection, you've found it with this one.

Flavor Profile: Guava, Strawberry, Banana, Dragon Fruit

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50