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Black Ice by Charlie's Chalk Dust 60ml

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Black Ice by Charlie's Chalk Dust 60ml

Charlie's Chalk Dust Black Ice Vape Juice Review

Black Ice by Charlie's Chalk Dust  60ml is a new addition to the famous line of e-juice available from Charlie's Chalk Dust. Black Ice takes a refreshing spin on your usual menthol flavored e-juice. This beautiful blend fuses tart blackberries and a crisp cucumber to refresh you from the first puff to the last. The exhale is what really makes this e-juice delectable with its icy cooling. This e-juice is perfect for a warm summers day and is sure to please all day long.

On the inhale of Charlie's Chalk Dust Black Ice a rush of a tart blackberry flavor that will smother your tongue and delight your taste buds. All those true blackberry fans can agree over one thing, that is e-juice is truly authentic in its intense flavor. Fusing with is blackberry flavor is a crispy juicy cucumber. This cucumber flavor is sure to please as it washes down the tartness from the blackberry, providing a perfected balance. Just wait, because this e-juice gets even better. On the exhale is a refreshing blast of menthol that will make your mouth begin to water.

Charlie's Chalk Dust is a well known premium vape brand that have expanded themselves into a plethora of e-juice flavors and collections. Charlie's other widely popular lines include Pachamama, Campfire, and Mr. Meringue. Charlie's Chalk Dust 60ml offers different levels of nicotine which include 0mg, 3mg, 6mg. Black Ice by Charlie's Chalk Dust 60ml arrives in a 60ml plastic chubby bottle. This e-juice brand is sure to please anyone who is seeking their new favorite vape juice.

Black Ice by Charlie's Chalk Dust 60ml is the perfect e-juice for all those menthol lovers looking for a new refreshing treat. This flavor combination is truly elegant and savory. Treat yourself to Black Ice by Charlie's Chalk Dust.

Flavor Profile: Blackberry, Menthol, Cucumber 

Bottle Size: 60ml

PG/VG: 70/30