Stumps "B" by Charlies Chalk Dust Eliquid 100ml


Stumps "B" by Charlie's Chalk Dust 100ml

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Stumps "B" by Charlie's Chalk Dust Eliquid 100ml

Charlie's Chalk Dust Stumps B Vape Juice Review

Stumps "B" by Charlies Chalk Dust Eliquid 100ml vape juice contains a vanilla and honeycomb granola bar snack flavor that you’re sure to enjoy. Every puff will satisfy your snack cravings as the natural taste of oats helps trick your brain into thinking that you're eating healthy.

Each inhale of Charlie's Chalk Dust Stumps B vape juice delights you with delicious granola flavor. At first, the flavor is savory. Then, on the exhale, the sweetness comes through as honeycomb melts all over your mouth.

There’s nothing quite like a sweet and savory granola bar flavor that’s infused with sticky, sugary honeycomb chunks when you vape Charlie's Chalk Dust Stumps B vape juice.

Flavor Profile: Vanilla, Honey, Granola

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30