Candy King Berry Breeze 90ml
Candy King Flavors 90ml
Candy King Choco Cream 90ml
Candy King Chocolate Chip 90ml
Candy King Cucumber Cooler 90ml
Candy King DVNK 90ml
Candy King Grapefruit Gust 90ml
Candy King Lemon Wafer 90ml
Candy King Lychee Luau 90ml
Candy King Mad Melon 90ml
Candy King Maui Mango 90ml
Candy King Moana 90ml
Nic Shotz Freebase Nicotine 3mg
Nic Shotz Freebase Nicotine 6mg

Candy King

Candy King DIY Freebase Vape Juice

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Candy King DIY Freebase Vape Juice

Candy King DIY Freebase Vape Juice Review

Dishing out its most popular flavor creations, Candy King has developed another incredible product for vapers all over to enjoy. The Candy King DIY Freebase Vape Juice is a bundle of products that allow you to become the mixologist you've always wanted to be by providing a combination of nicotine and flavors that can be mixed with ease. Finally, you can take matters into your own hands, craft premium DIY vape juice, and enjoy the fruits, or candy, of your labor.

What is Candy King DIY Freebase Vape Juice? Candy King DIY Freebase Vape Juice is a collection of popular flavors and Nic Shotz freebase nicotine from Candy King. They've been bundled together to allow you to formulate your own unique tastes. Explore a wide range of flavors, stretching from Berry Breeze to Chocolate Chip, and many more. Alongside the amazing tastes, you'll get to experience, you'll also have a choice of 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths to ensure your cravings are satisfied. The Candy King DIY Freebase Vape Juice is an excellent deal that is simply too delicious and affordable to pass up. With it, you'll be able to buy a bundle that consists of a 90mL bottle of Candy King Flavors available in a wide variety and a 10mL bottle of Candy King Nic Shotz available in 3mg and 6mg freebase nicotine strengths. By simply combining the 90mL bottle of flavor and the 10mL bottle of Nic Shotz, you'll have a 100mL bottle of DIY vape juice.

If you are looking for a way to get into DIY vape juice, this is the best product to start with. It makes the whole process of formulating flavors a breeze since everything comes pre-mixed. By simply adding your favorite flavors to the Nic Shotz nicotine base, you'll become an expert mixologist in no time!

Flavor Profile: Candy King

Bottle Size: 90mL (Includes 10mL Nic Shot)

VG/PG: 70/30