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Citrus-Burst by Burst 60ml

Product Description

Citrus-Burst by Burst 60ml

Burst Citrus Vape Juice Review

Citrus-Burst byBurst E Liquid 60ml is a mixture of lemon and lime to make the perfectcandy flavored e-juice. This citrus blend is sure to please with each puff! Citrus-Burst will have your taste buds going insane instantly!

There are many flavors on the market to create an easy vape juice flavor. However, creating a flavor with some complexity behind it is much harder. Burst Citrus Vape Juice has undergone a strict process of development by expert mixologists in the Burst E-Liquid lab. It has taken time, trial and error, and several attempts to create what we know and love as this amazing citrus-flavored vape juice. By combining both lemon and lime, along with a couple of undisclosed flavor combinations, Burst E-Liquid has created Burst Citrus Vape Juice, a perfectly balanced, expertly crafted flavor that your tastes will enjoy.

On the inhale a rush lemon flavor dances over the taste buds, giving you the perfect middle between tart and sweet. The sweet intensifies as that candy flavor smacks of your sweet tooth kicking those cravings! On the exhale is a refreshing lime flavor. This vape juice will keep you puffing on it all day long with the out of the world flavors that it creates. With Burst E-Liquids you won’t ever want to try another vape juice brand. 

Burst E-Liquids are known for making their vape juices with the highest quality of ingredients and putting all of their products through many tests to ensure that they pass the Burst E-Liquid test. These vape juices are made for those of you who are candy fanatics but can’t always get to your candy stash. Burst E-Liquids will blow your mind with the out of this world flavors they have created.

Available in a large 60ml bottle with a 70/30 ratio to deliver an incredible balance of flavor and vapor, you will find that this vape juice is satisfying from start to end. It is available in several nicotine strengths, including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg to suit your preference.

Citrus-Burst by Burst 60ml will kick those candy cravings and provide you with a refreshing taste, making it impossible not to go back for more! If you enjoy citrus, lemon, lime, and candy flavors all mashed into one, you have got to get your hands on this tasty vape!

    Flavor Profile: Citrus, Lemon, Lime, Candy

    Bottle Size: 60ml

    VG/PG: 70/30