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Sherbet by Burst E-Liquids 60ml

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Sherbet by Burst E-Liquids 60ml

Burst E-Liquids Sherbet Vape Juice Review 

Sherbet by Burst E-Liquids 60ml is that classic sherbet flavor e-juice. It is a delicious, masterful vape juice blend that perfectly mimics the taste so that you'll enjoy each and every puff. You're going to love this incredible flavor that is sure to become one of your all-time favorites.

What is Burst Sherbet vape juice? Sherbet by Burst E-Liquids is a smooth and enjoyable premium vape juice blend that perfectly recreates the taste of sherbet. On the inhale of Burst Sher-Burst vape juice your taste buds will be sweetened to their core with that orange sherbet flavor. Your sweet tooth will thank you with every puff. Strawberry notes combined with a balanced lemon and lime flavor make the perfect ending to this e-juice. Burst has created a vape juice flavor that will have you begging for more with every puff you take. Sherbet is available in a 60mL bottle and comes in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Burst E-Liquids create vape juices with spectacular flavors that will surely keep you coming back for more. This vape juice is sure to wind your taste buds up and then immediately soothe them. Each Burst E-Liquid vape juice is made with the highest quality ingredients to provide you with a vaping experience that will blow your mind. Definitely not created equally, Burst E-Liquid is beyond its competitors. It creates fascinating flavors that you simply have to taste to believe. Sher Burst Vape Juice is just another flavor we are thrilled to offer, and there is a lot of it to experience. It is available in a 60ml bottle and has a perfect ratio of 70/30, which delivers the perfect balance between the amount of flavor you receive and the amount of vapor you produce. To ensure you are satisfied through your experience, you have the option of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strengths to better suit your nicotine preference.

Sherbet by Burst E-Liquids tastes like the original sherbet ice cream in a delicious candy e-juice, with even more added flavors to make it even better! If you are a fan of the sherbert flavor, candy, lemon, lime, and strawberries all mixed into one delicious pile, you will love this Sherbet Burst Vape Juice.

Flavor Profile: Sherbet, Candy, Lemon, Lime, Strawberries

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30