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Mango Skwezed 100ml

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Mango by Skwezed 100ml

Skwezed Mango Vape Juice Review

Skwezed Mango offers the refreshing taste of the freshet mango you have ever tried, you will think you are biting into the fruit itself. Skwezed perfectly captured the mango flavor so well that you will be checking the bottle to make sure its actually vape juice.

As you inhale Skwezed Mango you taste the juicy and savory mango flavor that will have your eyes rolling in the back of your head. Skwezed Mango will have you obsessing over its flavor for months on end. On the exhale the savory mango flavor starts to dance off your tongue leaving your taste buds begging for more. This savory and juicy vape juice will have you making everyone you know try it, the flavor on this vape juice will have you going crazy.

Skwezed is known for replicating your favorite fruits into the most perfect vapes juices and, Skwezed Mango just proves that point even more with its spot-on flavor. From inhale to exhale the taste will continue to amaze you with its consistent and authentic flavor. This vape juice will end your search for your next favorite fruity vape juice and you will be sure to also become your day to day go to vape juice.

Skwezed Mango is the addicting flavor that you have been looking for, with just the first inhale you take you will become utterly addicted. This vape juice offers the most ideal flavor for your go-to vaping experience. Don't look any further than Skwezed Mango when you go on a hunt for your next vape juice.

Flavor Profile: Mango

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30