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Xtra Puff

Xtra Disposable Bar

Product Description

Xtra Puff Disposable Bars

Lala Land "Banana Ice" 

This flavor not only contains spectacular quality in taste but withholds 5% salt nicotine and 1500 puffs so that it’ll last longer than your average puff bar. Sweet sweet banana flourishing over your tongue on the inhale. With ice cool menthol soothing your throat on the exhale blasting you right to Lala Land.

Candy "Gummy Bear" 

Candy is like having a wide range of fruit flavored gummy bears stuffed right into your tank for an all day everyday satisfaction. Each note of candied fruit will swift across your tongue on the inhale as it draws in a fusion of citrus, tart, and sweet all at once. On the exhale the mixture of flavors dissipate slowly as the small cloud of vapor leaves an aftertaste almost if there’s a gummy bear party in your mouth.


Freshly picked sun-kissed strawberries here to dazzle those taste buds with one brush of vapor running through your mouth. As you go to hit your Xtra, sweet strawberry will be easy to detect once it glides against your taste buds smothering each nook and cranny with savory clouds to drown them in. On the exhale the exquisite blast of strawberry will smack the back of your throat making the taste just a tad bit stronger as it begins to find its way out.

Naked Pleasure "Pineapple"

Naked Pleasure delivers the true authentic taste of biting into a pineapple with the perfect pull of your device. Every tone of pineapple hits just the right spot during the inhale and exhale. This tropical fruit is known to brighten up a lot of the population's day with the delicacy of its sweet and tart juices made to soothe those midnight cravings.

Fantasy Love "Pineapple Lemonade"

Fantasy Love is like having a glass of tropical lemonade right at the palm of your hands. A bitter mist of lemon will cloud your judgement on just how flavorful this bar really is once that thin line of vapor flows in on the inhale. On the exhale a sheet of pineapple will layer over your tongue fusing itself with the sour lemon and by the end of this hit you may have just found your new Fantasy Love.

Mango Tango "Manago"

Mango Tango will have your taste buds bouncing right off the walls once they get a taste of sweet mango nectar drizzled right onto your tongue. Each hint of mango will tango it’s way into your mouth twisting and turning with every taste bud it can find on the inhale. As you exhale the party will slowly die down taking the last remaining flavor with it.


Talk about tangy, this orange flavored bar will blow your mind once you get a taste of this bad boy. Luscious sparks of citrus will just melt on your tongue on the inhale. And as you go to exhale it’ll leave you feeling like you had juicy slices of pure bliss for a quick snack.

OZ "Pink Lemonade"

It’s like having a refreshing glass of pink lemonade here to make your taste buds tingle in excitement and delight. A rush of slight notes of cranberry will drag itself across your tongue, immediately drowning it in sweet and sour lemonade on the inhale. The excess amount of flavor stained on your tongue will slowly fade away as the light clouds of vapor leaves your mouth.


Freshly squeezed blueberry mixed into a perfectly blended vape juice. Every drop of vapor matters during this whole hit. Due to its high quality in flavor made especially for the smooth pull you get from hitting your device. On the inhale a tidal wave of precious blueberry will come diving in, flushing out all of your cravings that you could not shake off lately. The balance of sweet and sour will slightly increase as the vapor glides off your tongue on the exhale giving you nothing but peace towards the end of every hit.

Fusion "Lush Ice"

A vibrant harmony of ice cool menthol and juicy watermelon served to you to relieve yourself before, during, and after a long day. Sometimes you just need those refreshing couple of hits in order to get by and that is entirely understandable. But you might as well do it with something that tastes so divine. Sweet watermelon trotting onto your tongue submerging it in a pool of lip smacking flavor on the inhale. As you go to exhale the bone chilling breeze of menthol will hit the back of your throat allowing you to just sit back and relax.


If you want menthol, all menthol, nothing but menthol with just a dabble of something sweet. Mint “Xtra” will do you justice that will not cost you an arm and a leg. Just one gentle pull from your device and its love at first hit. Lush tones of mint will revive each poor dried out taste bud on the inhale as it enlightens them in 

Guava Mint "Guava Ice"

Guava Mint by Xtra Disposable takes the taste of juicy guavas and combines them with a minty base to give you a disposable vape flavor that you will want to puff on all day long. This disposable vape is packed full of flavor and you won't have to worry about it dying while you are out and about as it has 1500 puffs to it. This disposable vape will for sure become your next go to vape!

XOXO "Peach Ice" 

The taste of peaches has never been more amazing than in this disposable vape. Xtra has taken the taste of sweet, juicy, southern peaches and paired it with a menthol base to create a vape flavor that will have your taste buds going crazy. This disposable vape will have you drooling instantly with every puff you take. Xtra Disposable Bar has really gone the extra mile with these flavors. 


The accurate taste of grape that this Xtra Disposable Bar provides will have your taste buds throwing a party with every inhale and exhale. This flavor is unlike any other grape flavor on the market. It has the authentic taste of grapes that has the perfect balance between sweet and tart that will have your mouth watering from your first puff until your last. 


Never again will you have to sit there craving a carbonated soda, with the Xtra Disposable Cola, the taste of soda will be at your finger tips all day long without you having to feel guilty for indulging. This disposable vape flavor is perfect for those of you who are trying to quit soda but crave the flavor. From the moment you open the box, you will be able to smell the incredible aroma of cola. 


The taste of sweet, juicy and refreshing honeydew can now be achieved no matter the time of year. This disposable vape flavor will bring back your favorite summertime memories, and leave your taste buds feeling as refreshed as possible. With every inhale and exhale you take, the authentic taste of honeydew will dance across your taste buds and keep you coming back for more and more. 

Mango Lychee

Mangoes and Lychee is a fruit combination that will have your mouth watering just by opening the box. This disposable vape flavor is perfect for those of you who like a sucker punch of flavor that you won't go flavor blind to. Xtra Disposable has provided their loyal customers with this delicious flavor, and no one is complaining. With every inhale and exhale, the taste of juicy mangoes and sweet lychee will tango across your taste buds swirling around and leaving you begging for another puff. 

Apple Sweet

Xtra Disposable Apple Sweet is a disposable vape that provides you with the classic apple flavor. This flavor is a true fan favorite as it is simple yet packed full of flavor. Xtra Disposable Apple Sweet will have you reaching for it constantly as it provides such a complete flavor of sweet red apples. This disposable vape will surely find it's place in your vape flavor rotations. 


Xtra Disposable brings the disposable vapes to a whole new level. With 1500 puffs in every bar, you won't have to replace them as often as other disposable vapes. The flavor profiles on each and every Xtra Dipsosbale have so much flavor packed into them that you will certainly want to try all of them!

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