The Milkman Vanilla Custard

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Vanilla Custard by The Milkman 60ml

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Vanilla Custard by The Milkman 60ml

The Milkman Vanilla Custard Ejuice Review

Enjoy a smooth and delicious dessert vape juice Vanilla Custard by The Milkman 60ml. The flavor experts at The Vaping Rabbit has crafted a unique vanilla custard vape juice flavor that will satisfy your sweet tooth and please your taste buds with its delicious flavor. 

Upon inhaling The Milkman Vanilla Custard is a smooth and delightful vanilla cream flavor will swarm you taste buds with its rich and sweet tone. Not too sweet and not too bland, just right. The great thing about a vanilla custard is that they are a tasty treat that will not overwhelm your taste receptors as every flavor note will be highlighted perfectly. During exhale is where the unforgettable custard vape juice flavor emerges. It will provide a nice and smooth full bodied sensation that perfectly balances this flavor out giving you a well rounded vaping experience. 

The Milkman is a line from the brand The Vaping Rabbit. They make all of their vape juices with max VG so you get clouds the best clouds with amazing flavor as well. These vape juices are made with only the highest quality of ingredients so their customers will always have the best vape juice possible. Any of the vape juices off of The Milkman have such an intense flavor you will be staggered and unable to stop yourself from vaping it. 

This premium e-juice was made with dessert lovers in mind. One puff of The Milkman Vanilla Custard and you will quickly be convinced that this marvelous flavor deserves to be in your rotation of all day vapes.

Flavor Profile: Vanilla Custard

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30