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Sweet Tooth Ejuice by Clown Liquids 120ml

Product Description

Sweet Tooth by Clown Liquids 120ml

Clown Liquids Sweet Tooth Vape Juice Review

Sweet Tooth by Clown Liquids 120ml is the flavor of sweet cotton candy blended with candy raspberry. The classic candy flavor provides sweet raspberry on the inhale and subtle notes of tangy raspberry on the exhale.

As you inhale Clown Sweet Tooth, the taste of raspberry cotton candy will rock your taste buds to the core. This flavor is truly unlike anything you've ever tasted before and you will never want to put this mouth watering vape juice down. As you exhale, the taste of raspberry cotton candy vape juice will subside slightly and leave your taste buds craving more of this sweet treat. 

Clown Liquids is brought to you by Bad Drip Labs and their flavors are definitely something to write home about. These flavors that they create will have your taste buds going wild with just one puff. Never again will you have to search for a vape juice you can indulge on all day long, because Bad Drip Labs create flavors that you will never tire of. 

Clown Sweet Tooth takes your taste buds to your favorite carnival with the scrumptious flavor it creates.This vape juice will quench your sweet tooth better than any other vape juice you'll be able to find.

Flavor Profile: Raspberry Cotton Candy

Bottle Size: 120ml

VG/PG: 75/25

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