Humble Salt Blue Dazzle 30ml

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Humble Salt Blue Dazzle 30ml

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Humble Salt Blue Dazzle 30ml

Humble Salt Blue Dazzle Review

Blue Dazzle by Humble E-Juice Co. Salts is a salt nicotine vape juice that has just the right amount of sweetness to kick your sweet tooth to the curb. This vape juice is perfect for those of you who enjoy vaping on a sweet treat all day long. 

As you inhale Humble Salts Blue Dazzle, your taste buds will be dazzled by the amazing blue raspberry flavor it creates. This vape juice is sure to have you coming back for more and more with just one puff. As you exhale, the cotton candy flavor comes through and combines with the blue raspberry flavor to create the perfectly sweet vape juice that will drive your taste buds insane. 

Humble E-Juice Co is a vape juice brand that makes delicious vape juices for their loyal customers. These vape juices are sure to drive your taste buds up a wall with every puff you take. This vape juice brand has a vape juice for you no matter what flavors you prefer. They have custards, fruits, and menthol's that will each satisfy your taste buds in their own way. 

Humble Salt Blue Dazzle is a vape juice that is made for your inner innocence. This vape juice will have a smile on your face day in and day out. 

Flavor Profile: Blue Raspberry, Cotton Candy 

Bottle Size: 30ml 

VG/PG: 50/50