Juice Roll Upz Vape Juice 60ml Pick 3 Bundle


Juice Roll Upz Vape Juice 60ml Pick 3 Bundle (180ml)

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Juice Roll-Upz Vape Juice 60ml Pick 3 Bundle

Juice Roll Upz Vape Juice Bundle Review

If you’re a fan of Juice Roll Upz, you know that it’s a brand compiled of deliciously infused candy flavors that have a way of attacking your taste buds with pleasure. While there are many brands in the industry, Juice Roll Upz Vape Juice has been known for creating a marvelous experience from flavors, which help it stand just above its competitors. The manufacturing brand knows the increased number of people that have transitioned from traditional cigarettes to the flavorful alternative, so they’ve created a massive collection of delicious candy flavors that will ultimately bring you back to your childhood days. Even now as an adult, you can enjoy all of the flavors you obsessed over in your youth, like watermelon punch, strawberry, blue raspberry, and fruits consisting of orange and cherry flavors.

The Juice Roll Upz brand was established in April of 2015 and quickly became one of the industry’s most popular brands due to its manufacturing of a variety of unique flavors. Headquartered in Ontario, California, Juice Roll Upz Vape Juice is the premier vape juice brand for the vaping industry, and as you discover its collection of flavors, you’ll see exactly why. To get you started on your path to deliciousness, we have a Juice Roll Upz Vape Juice 60ML Pick 3 Bundle, which consists of three 60ML bottles of Juice Roll Upz Vape Juice, totaling 180ML! Choose three different flavors or if you have a specific taste, choose the same flavor for all three. Each Juicy Roll Upz Vape Juice flavor comes packaged in a 60ML glass dropper bottle and is available in a few nicotine strengths to choose from, including 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG.

Choose any 3 Juice Roll Upz Vape Juice Flavors

  • Strawberry - More than you average strawberry flavor, this one delivers a mouthwatering strawberry fruit snack candy flavor that is perfect to satisfy your cravings.
  • Watermelon Punch - Just as the name describes, you’ll get an overload of delicious watermelon flavored juice, and a slight tang to follow up.
  • Blue Raspberry - With Juice Roll Upz, everything is more than it seems, and this Blue Raspberry flavor is a great example. Expect a powerhouse of raspberry blended perfectly with blue gummy candies.
  • Apple - If you’re looking for no additive flavors, and just a solid Granny Smith green apple, bringing along with it the sour and sweet flavor, look no further.
  • Strawberry Ice - It’s Juice Roll Upz famous strawberry fruity snack flavor, yet features a cool and refreshing twist of menthol.
  • Blue Raspberry Ice - The same great blue raspberry flavor that gives off the taste of blue gummy candies, yet features just the right amount of menthol for an invigorating experience.

Start enjoying Juice Roll Upz vape juice today at a low discounted price.